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[Pinned] Screen shot since I cannot post in the recruitment forum.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that SWTOR is coming out in 2 months time, and that I have set up a guild for some fun on off-nights. The guild will be on a PvP server, but still continue to do end-game instances. Of course our allegianc...
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Sorry Guys

FIRST id like to say im very Sorry for my attitude tonight , it was very uncalled for and all that, and w/e action is taken against me thats alright , Just being under alot of stress between work and home life has my very weak at the knee's sorta...
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Dear fellow members of Unleashed,We have accomplished many things in these last few months, bringing the guild back from nothing to killing content we never dreamed of, but unfortunately you will have to continue towards Ragnaros without me. I rec...
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Forced to play WoW in prison?

If you ever thought WoW felt like a job, it could be worse.
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Hey y'all. I'm back!!! I should be back on this weekend!!
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Display probs

Does anybody know what is going on here? I'm getting textures shooting out of the ground. When Dersha and I were doing some PVP I couldn't even see the ground in some spots it was so bad. Drivers are all up to date. Usually happens in outdoor ...
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Unleashed boss kill videos.

Recent Nef kill. Not the best but a few new people to the fight. In full HD, I didn't dork around with the sound at all so you hear full on game sounds and ventrilo(except for me half the time, I come in really low for some reason). Enjoy.Nefarian...
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Hey guys,I'm leaving the guild. Adios!
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Gavreels realm first
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Getting some fun 5 mans

If anyone wants to do some groups today I'm looking to finish some up and possible some H done also. Been itching to finish some with you all :))
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5 mans tonight

Anyone down for some 5 man runs tonight maybe a heroic. Will be on around 10 ish.
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Possible to have two ISP's for one house?

Topic covers it, I need to get a high speed service that only I control/use so I don't have to deal with my mom hiding the modem for illogical reasons.I'd get a dorm here at the college but the waitlist is insanely long and an apartment is out of ...
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Cataclysm Leveling Map

Hey everyone! I saw this map posted on MMO-Champ just now and thought it might be fun or useful for those leveling new toons come Cata. I saved it to my desktop for future usage :)(The picture is kind of obnoxiously large for a forum thread, so ...
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super trooper fans

so my friend first saw super troopers tonight and when the dopers scene intro came on where like dude is that your car?so he looked it up and that was the car from the movie lol
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Bored at work all week >.<

Hey do you guys know anything good and time consuming to do while i sit here at work with nothing to do for the entire week. I considered bringing my comp for the first 3 days while my boss wont be here but it is a little heavy. So you guys know o...
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So I finally found which hospital he is in , he didnt sound so good, and he will be there another 3 or 4 days *:|
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Funny Video

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Just wanted to let everyone know that i left Unleashed to join a core 10 man guild. They have raid times that work best for me. Eventually when i graduate college i would like to come back and raid 25s if possible. thanks for the fun and pst me in...
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ICC 10

I have a raid ID with VD, Sindy and LK left. Just wanted to see interest in picking it up Sunday afternoon or around there and have some shots at LK.
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