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[Pinned] Recruitment Needs.(Recruiting for Cataclysm)

Unleashed is currently striving to better balance out our raid roster for Cataclysm. Here are what our current needs for 25 man raiding in the upcoming expansion. Warriors- 1 Protection or Fury/ArmsPaladins- 1 Protection or RetributionDruids- 2 Re...
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[Pinned] Officers

[Pinned] Officers

Hello soon to be applicants of Unleashed.Here is a list of the class leads of our guild so you know who you can contact when you put in an application or have questions about your class or the guild.Auzerias - Ranged Class LeadDarkeside - Tank Cla...
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Rogue Zultheros

Main CharacterZultherosRace and ClassWorgen RogueAge:24Why do you want to join Unleashed?I did a firelands run with some of your people and really liked the way the raid was run and the manner in which your guild members conducted themselves.Why d...
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Hooze, warrior tank

Main CharacterHoozeRace and ClassDwarf WarriorAge:25Why do you want to join Unleashed?I was in the guild before and have a couple freinds in the guild and have always liked the crew and environment. I am looking for a guild that raids on a solid s...
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Heefern - Draenei Shaman

Main CharacterHeefernRace and ClassDraenei ShamanAge:36Why do you want to join Unleashed?I'm currently guildless and looking to get back into the raiding scene.Why do you think you'll make a good member of Unleashed?I know my class inside and out ...
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Gobler - Worgen Death Knight

Main CharacterGoblerRace and ClassWorgen Death KnightAge:36Why do you want to join Unleashed?Progression. Reputation on server.Why do you think you'll make a good member of Unleashed?I come as close to maxing my class/spec's potential as I can. I ...
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Dragkoni - Dwarf Priest

Main CharacterDragkoniRace and ClassDwarf PriestAge:35Why do you want to join Unleashed?I want to see some endgame content. Was told by a friend that is in Unleashed that it was descent guild. Looking for some online friends because i spend the ma...
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Shadowknives application

I just recieved the chest piece after having the assassin's chest piece that has way more hit i changed the spec back and been messing on the target with 2 and 3 since i'am not spell hit capped atm. So i've bee toying with reforging and the spec. ...
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Shadowknives - Rogue

Main CharacterShadowknivesRace and ClassHuman RogueAge:52Why do you want to join Unleashed?I would like be belong to a day one guild that is committed to getting current content down in a timely manner.Why do you think you'll make a good member of...
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Main Character: ArbeitgeberRace and Class: Gnome MageAge: 20Why do you want to join Unleashed? They are a great guild, I took a leave of absence for school, now that I'm all done I would like to come back :) I miss you all :(Why do you think you'l...
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