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(Nov 06, 2011)
lolwtf bure
(Nov 03, 2011)
type "do a barrel roll" on google
(Oct 28, 2011)
Thinking of you..
(Oct 24, 2011)
(Oct 21, 2011)
everyone is going to be a panda
(Oct 19, 2011)
Kenny + Bruce Wayne 4 Life <33333
(Oct 03, 2011)
anyone have a diablo 3 beta invite? just got mine seeing if anyone here wants to play! lol
(Sep 22, 2011)
oh god that looks fucking terrible
(Sep 15, 2011)
<---dreading the reveal of the new pally t13 armor
(Sep 13, 2011)
May not be on tonight or late , goin to town
(Sep 13, 2011)
Noooo! Spartacus is dead!
(Sep 09, 2011)
amg Mini, your QB just dropped 38 points on me.
(Sep 04, 2011)
Sunday at 10 CST perhaps?
(Sep 03, 2011)
As long as it's not Tuesday. I have another draft that night.
(Sep 03, 2011)
I liked my picks but if we re do it just set a time and let everyone know, just not sunday at like 3 pm cause then i'd miss it :(
(Sep 02, 2011)
i missed it as well. i wouldnt mind re-doing it
(Sep 01, 2011)
Doesn't matter to me, I've missed the draft the past two years as well
(Sep 01, 2011)
I can reset the draft, and we can do it again if you all are interested?
(Sep 01, 2011)
Mini-Glacey wants to eat at the most inconvenient times :P
(Sep 01, 2011)
I missed the dam draft . stupid raids..