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(Jul 18, 2011)
Ahhh okies
(Jul 17, 2011)
those are the old times kaz, we kicked out sunday due to lack of interest
(Jul 17, 2011)
Says we raid tonight , Sorry i wont be able to make it , Have baseball , and its just about done for the season =(
(Jul 14, 2011)
we do raid thursdays, but it looks grim atm
(Jul 14, 2011)
donlt think we raid tonight anyways
(Jul 14, 2011)
Dnno how much traffic the afk forums get anymore, but i wont be able to raid tonight. Going to see HP at midnight.
(Jul 10, 2011)
Well thursday since we dont raid on sundays lol
(Jul 10, 2011)
Letting you guys know i wont be able to make raid tommorow and thursday , due to baseball games
(Jul 08, 2011)
yay , Nef kill tonight !
(Jul 07, 2011)
Might not be able to make it tonight. Waiting for my brother to get home so I can go home
(Jul 06, 2011)
im not gonna be able to make it tonight, were having a going away party for a friend of mine. should be around tomorow tho
(Jul 01, 2011)
i see you mini
(Jun 30, 2011)
He was probably wearing his helmet. We can only hope.
(Jun 29, 2011)
he said it was his favorite of the three
(Jun 29, 2011)
Aawww, Sandy. Tell him to log here and review for us
(Jun 29, 2011)
Did he think it was horrid or good? Well it doesn't matter, he had a fangasm anyway
(Jun 29, 2011)
Is he in his full Optimus Prime get up or just the mask for this?
(Jun 28, 2011)
so most of you prob dont know sandraa but for those who do i got this text from him today: "Prescreening and 3d of transformers 3 in 3 hours. JUICEGASIM TO THE THIRD DIMENSION!"
(Jun 26, 2011)
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